This is the first test for the future website "".

The idea is to take images of beauty and eroticism and convert them into Windows wallpapers.  There are already about half a million sites that do this (according to Google) but fortunately, as far as I can see, the top 100 of them are rubbish - or not sites at all, ie just links to other equally rubbish sites.

I intend to take images of female beauty/eroticism, optimise them to display with good composition and high quality, and then crop/resize them to fit with the majority of standard desktop resolutions.

You can use this site as a source of erotic wallpaper, or you can just regard it as a supply of the best female sexual imagary on the internet.

This site is free for now but will become a subscription service in 2011.  I'll always have some free stuff though so come back from time to time to see what's here.


Nick B Flair